Bury St Edmunds Art Society (BSEAS)
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018
Data Protection Statement & Privacy Policy
Terms & Conditions
This is the Data Protection and Privacy Policy for the Bury St Edmunds Art Society in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

The Society understands it has an obligation to ensure that it stores and uses personal data only with explicit consent, lawfully, accurately and responsibly. This is an obligation that the Society takes seriously.

Contact the Society may be contacted via the Honorary Secretary at

Data Protection Officer the Honorary Secretary is identified as the Data Protection Officer and designated as the contact point in respect of GDPR compliance.

Purposes of data (information / documents) processing this may include name, address, email address and telephone numbers which will only be handled in connection with the direct and legitimate activities of the Society.

These are mainly administrative to:
  • maintain an accurate membership list

  • record membership subscription payments and exhibition fees

  • to contact members with information

  • maintain a register of attendance for meetings, outings and any workshops

  • maintain a register of named exhibition entries

  • maintain a list of exhibition stewards

The information that we request is the minimum we need to run the Society efficiently.

Photographs may be taken and filed to maintain a history of members, Society events and in connection with publicising group activities. Photographs maybe included in our Newsletters, our website or social media pages but you have the right not to have your photograph taken or displayed at any time.

Types of data collected and processed

The Society collects the following:
  • Basic details to identify members and by which contact is made and will include postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.

  • Photographs of members and Society events for record and historical purposes. Members are reminded that have the right not to have photographs taken or displayed at any time.

  • The name and telephone number for a nominated emergency contact and / or their general practitioner if the member has voluntarily supplied it. This data is not essential.

Categories of individuals Data is kept principally in respect of all Society members. Data is also kept in respect of artists / demonstrators who are in contact with the Society in relation to their professional position and who demonstrate or lead meetings or workshops.

Categories of data processed
  • The names and how we make contact will be kept in relation to all categories of individuals.

  • Details of the consent or otherwise of their photographs being taken, used or retained will be kept in respect of members.

  • Details of a nominated emergency contact and/or GP will be kept on behalf of those Society but only for members who wish to provide this information voluntarily.

  • Photographs, both in printed and digital format, will be retained and processed in respect of those members who consent to this.

Data sharing
  • The data will be used mainly by the Committee Officers i.e. the Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. It may also be available for limited use by the Officer named as the Chair, the Officer named as The Programme Secretary and the Web Manager. Information will not be released to any other Society members

  • Data will never be sold, copied or passed to any 3rd party for any marketing or promotion purposes.

  • It will only ever be released to those with the lawful authority to demand it.

Data security
  • Data will only be available to and used by the Committee officers and members of the of the Society Committee as specified above.

  • It will not be made available to other Society members.

  • Data in digital format is routinely stored on password protected personal desktops, iPad or tablets at the home addresses of three of the four principle Officers of the Society, The Treasurer, The Secretary and the Membership Secretary. Member names are stored for limited periods by the Web Manager to maintain an up-to-date Gallery

  • Some photographs may be stored digitally on a password protected desktop within the secure home address of the Secretary

  • Data in hard copy paper format will be stored in filing systems within the secured home addresses of each of the three principle officers of the Society.

  • Data in paper format will be in the possession of the three principle Society officers for administration purposes and use at Society sessions and events if necessary.

  • Members’ group emails will only be distributed by use of the BCC (blind carbon copy) system to conceal email addresses of others.

Privacy Policy

The Society only handles sufficient, necessary data to run the Society function efficiently. This means maintaining contact with members about their personal information they provide and their payment records. Members who do not provide this information or keep the Society up to date regarding any personal data changes, run the risk of not receiving essential information and reminders

All data will be stored and used securely, and the Society will seek to ensure it is always accurate.

Members have the absolute right to: -
  • See what information is stored about them

  • Require corrections or alterations

  • Be removed from any list

  • Have their history deleted

Retention schedule
  • Members & subscription records – will be retained until the member leaves the Society

  • Photographs – indefinitely to facilitate an historic record of Society members and events.

Terms and Conditions of use of the BSEAS website, social media and the Data Privacy

  • All images on this website are the copyright © of the artists who created the work and must not be used in anyway unless authorized by the artist in writing.

  • As a member of the Society, you can send us up to eight pictures to display on your Gallery page.

  • If a member of the public wishes to contact an artist, we will ask the artist to contact the caller direct

  • Any personal details you provide including your name, email address, postal address or telephone number will not be passed on to any third party by any method.

  • However, by providing information and pictures you choose to supply for promotion on the website, Facebook or Twitter pages, you are allowing us to display this to the public.

  • If we need to use your pictures for another reason such as promotion of the Society, we will ask permission first.